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1. Aphids - These small sucking insects feed on the new growth as it begins to expand causing distorted leaf shapes. To control, use Orthene, Malathion or Diazinon.

2. Bark Scale - Small sucking insects feed on the bark and exude a sticky substance that turns the stems black. To control, use Orthene.

3. Caterpillars, Leaf rollers, Sawflies (moth larvae) - The larvae of several species of insects are involved. To control, use Orthene, Malathion, or Diazinon.

4. Leaf miner - This tiny caterpillar 'mines' through the leaf, and leaves a line wherever it goes. To control, use Orthene, although by the time you see the damage, the insect is often gone.

5. Spider mites - Very tiny reddish eight legged mites suck on the bottom of the leaf, causing the top of the leaf to turn to a mottled brown-green color. To control, use Malathion.

6. Lacebugs (Lacewing) - A small insect with transparent, lacy wings sucks on the bottom of the leaf, causing the top to take on a mottled grayish-brown appearance. The underside of the leaf will show a brownish residue exuded by the insect. To control, use Malathion or Orthene.

7. White Fly - A small white flying insect, that looks like an aphid with wings, sucks on the underside of foliage, leaving white spots where it has been. To control use Malathtion, Diazinon or Orthene.

8. Slugs and Snails - These pests feed on soft new growth and on flowers. To control, use Metaldehyde baits or sprays.